Our location

Hyde Park

Address: University of Chicago, 5715 South Maryland Ave, Mitchell Hospital Room TN-669, Chicago, IL 60637
Phone: (773) 795-4767

Directions from Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM)

Feel free to call us at 773-795-4767 if you would like a staff member to meet / walk with you.

  1. Walk south towards DCAM Café to enter the Sky Bridge connecting to Mitchell Hospital
  2. Continue through the Sky Bridge by turning left, right, and then left to arrive at Mitchell Hospital 2nd floor Information Desk
  3. Follow the red line on the floor behind the Information Desk to the T Elevators
  4. Take the T Elevators to the 6th floor
  5. Exit the T elevators to your left and follow the posters / arrows for All of Us until you get to a sign that says University of Chicago Institute for Population and Precision Health
  6. At this sign, turn left and walk to TN-669 to check in with an All of Us staff member


71 Ald Taylor Way, Harvey, IL, 60426

Directions: You can enter in the building using the Professional Office Building doors. Once you enter, take the elevators located in front of you to the 2nd floor. After exiting the elevator turn to right and the IPPH will be the 2nd door on the left in office 212.

Phone: 773-702-1220 ext 44846